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I have been a patient here for 37 years. I would never want to go anywhere else. The staff is kind and the doctors are all very knowledgeable.

Everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable. From check-in, through history review, some clinical testing, and certainly Dr. Cardona's thoughtful, thorough, and relaxed discussion of possible diagnoses and treatment options, to the conclusion of this, my initial visit, I was very impressed with all involved. I am certainly pleased with my experience.

With 2 kids with severe allergies, the doctors and nurse have been a lifeline. The desk staff is always helpful.

The negative reviews almost kept me from making an appointment! Very glad I went anyway. I was seen by NP Amanda Williams & PA Meghan. Both exhibited high-caliber bed-side manner, took time to really listen, and then examine me. I have great confidence in MS. Williams' Summary dianogsis and am grateful for her recommendations for simple Homecare.

The staff was amazing, and nothing was rushed, and I felt like they we're all interested in what I had to say. My health concerns were all addressed, and I feel very satisfied with the outcome.

Our family has always had a warm and positive experience with the A&AA of Me folks! We love Dr. Viekman and her team. Specifically, we appreciate the extra time she takes to talk with us - we never feel rushed (sadly this is all to often the case at other offices!) and we always feel heard. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful! Thank you for all that you do!

Dr. Denise was lovely. I took my daughter in for her first visit. While we didn’t get a concrete answer for her symptoms, she seemed very adamant about getting to the bottom of it, and we made a plan going forward. She was very informative, and patient with my daughter, who felt the need to explain all kinds of different things to her! (She’s 4 LOL). The nurse who checked us in was also very attentive and sweet to my daughter. The front desk was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be- there needs to be better signs indicating that you are located at the back of the building, and where you are once you get back there!

I recently had to be screened for a penicillin allergy, and just wanted to comment on how professional and accommodating everyone was. I am a type 1 diabetic and got a low blood sugar during my test, and the staff brought me their own chocolate chip cookies so I could treat it. The test went smoothly and I was never left to wait for longer than a couple of minutes from the moment I walked in the door; Dr. Michaud very clearly knew her stuff and worked together seamlessly with the other equally kind and competent team members. Allergy tests are not exactly fun but my experience could not have been better.

I was very surprised to see so many negative reviews on this page. Both of my children have been seeing Dr. Cardona for their asthma and allergies, going back about eight years. Dr. Cardona is great with my children and always takes my input into consideration when discussing their care. My instincts and opinions have often been dismissed with doctors in other offices and I really appreciate that he values my input as their mother. I have recommended Dr. Cardona to many friends and would highly recommend him for any child or adult patient. I have had to wait a bit for most appointments. But I have no problem with this as Dr. Cardona never rushes during our appointments and is very thorough. I would rather wait a few extra minutes than feel as though the doctor is rushing through, as I've experienced with other doctors. I also want to add that the male receptionist in the office is one of the most delightful people I've ever met. He is always so friendly and pleasant. It is a nice way to be greeted, in person or on the phone!

Excellent, friendly, well-organised and well-run practice. Amanda Williams and her assistant explained everything clearly during my appointment and provided a great deal of useful information.

We have three kids who see Dr. Cardona for their allergies (one of which is also followed for his asthma). Dr. Cardona is always thorough, answers all our questions, and makes sure to involve us in our children's care. I see that most folks have to wait a while and we've somehow been lucky to never wait more than 15 min. We do always get morning appointments so maybe that helps! I highly recommend this doctor. They seem to rotate medical assistants and there is one that is not very good with kids but I said something to the doctor and we haven't worked with her since, and the rest of the staff has been excellent.

Just had my first visit with AAAM after moving from Virginia. The receptionist and nurses were friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Looking forward to being a patient.

There always very helpful and all the staff are very nice, theres always wait time when you check in because these guys are really busy and have alot of patients. they do a great job!

I have been to a couple different allergy drs about itchy skin while running and both said it wasn't related to allergies even though it happens to go away when I'm on allergy meds. This dr. did a quick test and identified the skin condition it was related to and how/why an antihistamine can help. This has been an unsolvable mystery for me for years, so very happy to get such a fast and simple solution from this dr.

Saw Dr. Cardona today with my daughter for food allergy. Great experience. Friendly staff and easy to understand education. It is expensive if you don’t have great insurance, but worth it to end any suffering she might have had from the allergy.

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